The story of our town and district

Visitors to the Museum will be able to learn about the story of all the settlements of the District on our Chronology Boards. These are a concise presentation of a huge amount of research done by our own members as well as residents of the town and villages, and trace the story back to Saxon, in some cases Roman and earlier, times. Some of that material will be brought forward onto these pages, and part of it will be expanded to present more of the social and economic history - in other words, how people really lived, which we think is the most interesting and important part of local history

Those aspects of what influenced the daily lives of the people of the district can be viewed by clicking on the tabs along the top of this page. They're illustrated somewhat in our video and photo galleries, which can be viewed here and here, with more being added all the time. But of course what's there depends on what a photographer saw fit to snap at the time, and of course what has survived to be available to us now - and we also have to work out what each image shows, and work is in hand on that.             

But we need the help of Three Rivers researchers and residents. 

This page is lacking information. In any case we're in search of information on a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Archaeology and geology
  • Anthropology / Social History
  • Heraldry
  • Local History
  • Architecture
  • Beliefs and faith in the area
  • Businesses & Industry
  • Entertainment
  • Wartime

and anything else you can think of !

We'd love to highlight and signpost your research on our website.

Please contact Fabian Hiscock by e-mail to, or Ann Vernau at or on 01923 775882 if you'd be interested in contributing.

HOWEVER: something new....

In any case, we were (when COVID lockdown struck) about to start a major new community history project. There has never been a single historical account of the Three Rivers district - there was a plan almost sixty years ago to prepare one for Rickmansworth, but even that foundered quite quickly. As soon as we're able to meet properly, we'll be convening a meeting of a Steering Group - and get going, on a project which will last several years but will be published, on line, by degrees while in the course of preparation.